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    Removed the mouse did not understand the micro?

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    Touch switch there are many, in the mouse also known as "square of fretting, thin is called" SMD SWITCH ", than our common long fretting more space saving, common in exquisite small mouse or side key.

    The touch switch is very small in size, can greatly save the mouse inside the space, but we can see a very different pins and our common fretting, pressure grams is hard enough, we the most commonly used Omron D2FC-F-7N pressure grams 0.74N 75gf. The rarely to use in common the mouse button. And it's not enough that we can also see that life is a little short, so placed on the key, which can save space and make it the use of frequency reduction.
    The touch switch slightly larger size, the number of grams of pressure are smaller, attention is slightly small, but there are also 130gf, but it with the above two switch the biggest surprise is that life is much longer, more permanent and pin type for "s" line.

    The touch switch has the advantages of small volume, contact parts of the plastic coating can prevent rosin in the welding penetration, fixed frame can be directly into the PCB board, tactility is good, the button can be a variety of options and receive anchor type, for electrostatic discharge. In addition to the use of the mouse, but also in the phone, audio, television and other electronic devices, a very wide range of uses.

    Square of the touch switch is the same, but the difference is obvious, is generally live longer, reliability is higher, at the same time, the application scope of a wider, here we have to look at.
    From the point of view of the parameters and the number of grams of the touch switch pressure closer to our daily use fretting the, this a series of touch switch length and width size fixed, different height pins is different form.
    High in the size of the switch and pin type as we usually see the shape of "1", is straight up and down, more suitable for we used mouse PCB board, installation position also tends towards the left and right key position, than the elongated fretting save more space. For example, some of the left mouse button in the upper left corner of the "double bond", where the location more narrow, the touch switch, however the most appropriate.
    158 series of
    These two types of switches are more alternative, in the left and right button will certainly not see their figure, common in the side keys, etc.. Different from the Razer Razer Naga, the switch is used to increase the SMD SWITCH light. This switch for the majority of the number of side keys, a relatively long life, feel is also very secure.

    TTC's 158 series of switches, which are small in size, light in weight, feel very good, and have an absolute advantage in terms of price. In addition to the mouse is also commonly used in telephone, calculator, mixer, circuit breaker, battery charger, audio, cordless telephone, alarm and so on electronic equipment, application range is very wide.
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