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    Sica ROG game mouse micro switch to change their own

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    Check the Internet, almost every major brand of mouse have Tucao microswitch failure, because the small parts suffer every day many hits, reliability is always difficult to achieve perfect. Is there any way to solve this problem? ASUS brain hole big open, thought of a trick game: design a slot, micro switch is bad for the user to change their own initiative.
    This mouse is ASUS just released Sica ROG game mouse. Rog Sica shape design using simple style, straight lines are point like its predecessors Gladius, optical engine is currently mouse game in the fire of Avago 3310, highest DPI of 5000, can realize every second to 130 inches reliable tracking (acceleration of 30 g), suitable for plastic, glass, plastic and other mouse pad.
    Sica ROG biggest feature is the replacement of the slot type OMRON micro switch, remove the two screws on the bottom of the mouse, open the back cover, micro switch slot is exposed in front of the direct use of the hand can be. So do the biggest advantage is that it can increase the service life of the mouse, after all, a new micro plus postage also can not spend a few dollars.
    ASUS not yet released the official Sica's official selling price, taking into account its predecessors Gladius asking price of more than $80 price, after the listing of the Sica should not too cheap. But allowing the user to change the micro switch is a big temptation, players should like this design.
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