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      Five key steps of selecting the micro switch [2015-08-29]
      Microswitch, which is a small electromechanical switch since the advent of the 1930s, continuously development to meet the requirements of different applications, including aerospace, household appliances, boiler control, medical equipment, spray system, test equipment, timer and vending machines and other. Micro switch is usually used to detect temperature, position and liquid level.
      Sica ROG game mouse micro switch to change their own [2015-08-29]
      Check the Internet, almost every major brand of mouse have Tucao microswitch failure, because the small parts suffer every day many hits, reliability is always difficult to achieve perfect. Is there any way to solve this problem? ASUS brain hole big open, thought of a trick game: design a slot, micro switch is bad for the user to change their own initiative.
      Removed the mouse did not understand the micro? [2015-08-29]
      Touch switch there are many, in the mouse also known as "square of fretting, thin is called" SMD SWITCH ", than our common long fretting more space saving, common in exquisite small mouse or side key.
      Classification of micro switch [2015-08-29]
      Classification of micro switch
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